Lord give me knowledge, 
apprehension of truth,
Understanding and wisdom,
 I don’t care if it’s couth.

Teach me to honor
 Christ in my heart, 
To never mistake
 the horse and the cart.

I will not succumb
 to the neutrality they’re demanding
I stand with Saint Anselm,
 “Faith seeking understanding”.

Help me destroy,
 lofty arguments and opinions,
Used by the fool
 and the devil’s own minions. 

I know you don’t need us,
 our minds or our pens.
But we know that you choose
 the means and the ends. 

Give me razor sharp logic
 profound, cogent reason.
Help me to be ready
 in every season. 

Help me to remember 
 My goal in defending:
It’s the gospel of peace,
 I should be commending. 

Use me to gather
Your sheep to your pen.
I love you my savior,
Amen and amen.