The Cross is Both Vertical and Horizontal

So, get this: the cross is both vertical and horizontal! "Uh.. yeah Park, we know." Do you though? I'm not sure we understand the significance here. The Cross is a symbol for death and torture. To be crucified is arguably one of the worst deaths you could experience. But God took this symbol and redeemed... Continue Reading →

On Dogs and Foolishness 

God has taught me countless lessons in my 25 years on this earth but the ones that stick with me most are the lessons He's taught me through dogs. Dogs are the best! You know it, I know it, we all know it. Most often, these dog lessons come as a result of reading my... Continue Reading →

Why Are Memes So Fantastic? 

Memes are fantastic. There are few things that can make me laugh harder than a dank meme. I love 'em so much. But why do I love them? What makes memes so great? I pondered these questions the other day on a short walk in Daytona Beach, Florida. I think I found a good answer... Continue Reading →

God Breathed 

 Who is God? What is He like? What does He want? What does He expect from us? Can we know God? We've all wrestled with these kinds of questions at some point or other in our lives. The good news for us is that God has Breathed. Huh? That's right, God has breathed! Understanding this... Continue Reading →

On Being Born This Way or That

Let me start off this post with some clarifications. This is not an attempt at gay bashing or hurting any particular group's feelings. I'm setting out to appraise this common argument and show some inherent flaws in using the "born this way" approach. It's true that this argument has become a popular argument in LGBT... Continue Reading →

On Sexual Appetite and Morbid Obesity 

Sexual appetite, libido, and sex drive are all synonyms for a person's desire for sexual activity. Today it seems to be common knowledge that sex is a good thing and having a "healthy" sexual appetite can be a beautiful thing physically, mentally, and emotionally.  But there's a huge problem, something has gone wrong with our... Continue Reading →

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