Silly Philology| That’s So Trivial!

“That’s so trivial!” We hear that all the time, but what does it mean? Well, I asked the same question as I was working on my last installment of Silly Philology, I Could Care Less. In that post I brought up the distinction between semantics and triviality or banality, which then led me to question... Continue Reading →


Some Personal Reflections on Van Til’s Transcendental Argument

“For man self-consciousness presupposes God-consciousness.” -Van Til, Defense of the Faith, pg. 113 There are a couple different facets to Van Til's Transcendental Argument for God, or “TAG”. Some people would even say that there are 3 perspectives on TAG- a normative perspective (the essence of TAG), a situational perspective (TAG applied in different ways... Continue Reading →

Silly Philology | “I Could Care Less”

I get confused when people say, “I could care less.” I mean, I guess I know what they’re trying to say, they’re trying convey their disinterest in whatever they’re interlocutor has said or asked. But in actuality, the phrase “I could care less” doesn’t really tell anyone much of anything. Ok, cool, so you could... Continue Reading →

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