Evangellyfish: Do You Know What You Believe and Why You Believe It?

This post is for my Christian brothers and sisters. I want to get you to think about what you believe. Are you an evangellyfish? Well I guess that all depends on what I mean by that. Think with me about the characteristics of jellyfish. They are soft, squishy, not a whole ton of substance to... Continue Reading →

You’re the bad guy in the Bible 

When I read the Bible as a kid I always read as if I were Jewish. Being on this side of Christ, living in AD as a Christian has caused me to miss some key elements in the biblical narrative. When I would read about the armies of Israel fighting the uncircumcised Gentiles I always... Continue Reading →

Neature: Can You Say Nature is Neat?

 "For me nature's one of the neatest things on this planet"  Tell me you've seen the Neature Walk YouTube video! It's so dumb but so funny. Yes, it's a joke but there's some truth there, nature is neat. It's cool, it's exciting, it'll give you the feels. A good nature show can take you through... Continue Reading →

Why is Dating so awful? 

Why is dating so awful? It's the girl's fault. Haha no just kidding. The real answer depends on what we mean by dating. When I say dating is awful, I mean modern dating. Dating today is the worst. That doesn't mean dating in the past was the end all be all, all I can do... Continue Reading →

I Am God… Of Nothing. 

"Their sword shall enter their own heart and their bows shall be broken." Psalm 37:14-15 Over the past two years I've really caught the philosophy bug. I love this stuff. Philosophy means the love of wisdom, who doesn't love wisdom? C'mon. Studying the history of philosophy scratches several itches all at once, I get to... Continue Reading →

Be True To Yourself 

Be true to yourself today. I don't mean "be who you are because you're a special snow flake and you deserve the world". That's what secular humanism will tell you. "You can be anything you want, just dream it and believe it, name it and claim it, if it's gonna be it's up to me".... Continue Reading →

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