I Believe In Order to Understand 

You are God and I am not,  this is the linchpin. You are necessary and I’m contingent;  the Creator/creature distinction.  You wrote the story from eternity past,  The who's and what's and when. You set up kings and tear ‘em down  with a swipe of your sovereign pen.  Your plan is sure, it cannot fail ... Continue Reading →


Reflecting on Proverbs| 27:2 Don’t Brag on Yourself! 

“Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; A stranger, and not your own lips.” Proverbs 27:2  Don’t brag on yourself. Don’t boast. Don’t talk yourself up. Don’t be cocky, smug, arrogant, or proud. These are all things I’ve learned from strong, confident men as I was growing up. I was always taught to let... Continue Reading →

Another Apologist’s Evening Prayer 

Lord give me knowledge,  apprehension of truth, Understanding and wisdom,  I don’t care if it’s couth. Teach me to honor  Christ in my heart,  To never mistake  the horse and the cart. I will not succumb  to the neutrality they’re demanding I stand with Saint Anselm,  “Faith seeking understanding”. Help me destroy,  lofty arguments and... Continue Reading →

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