Parker’s Penseés is a blog by me (Parker Settecase) dedicated to my thoughts. God woke me up in 2013 and gave me a deep hunger for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. As I read I found I had lots of thoughts to share; so I started this blog in 2016. Currently I’m working on a masters in theological studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. As I continue to read and learn, I’ll continue to share my thoughts with you. I have another blog called What Then Shall I Read where you can see my thoughts on various books I’ve read. Enjoy your stay!

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  1. Hi Parker, I’d like to listen to the interview that you did with Dr. Vern Poythress on his new book “The Mystery of The Trinity.” I recently read it and think is the best on the Trinity next to “Communion with God” by Owen. I can’t seem to find the link for the video. Could you please help? Thanks!


  2. Hello,
    is it possible to reach you somewhere directly? I would like to get your permission to use one of your videos for a museum project I’m working on.
    Thank you!


      1. Hi,
        I’m really sorry, I’ve too many tabs open at the same time…
        This is the video I was talking about:


    1. Hey, I’m really sorry, life went a bit wild the last weeks…
      Of course, we would link to your channel and you would be credited as the videographer. Shooting videos is work and we don’t want to pretend something is ours which we did not produce.
      There was some miscommunication with the director though, he would like the footage itself, not just link to the video. He says, he wants to make sure that the museum is in full control of the message it communicates. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, I completely understand. Also, we would need you to sign something that states that you are alright with us using the footage.
      If you are still interested and this is not too much work for you, can I maybe put my email address in the next reply and leave that one unpublished? I think that would be the easiest way for us to get in contact privately.
      Thank you for your patience and again I’m really sorry for taking so long!
      I’m quite embarrassed about messing up so much in this exchange..


  3. Outstanding project. I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Th.M. in 1981. To have this kind of platform for expression and engagement with others would have been right up alley. Cheering you on!


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