They bark, they yap, they yip, they yarp, 
 These dogs, they do not quit!
They’ll eat you out of house and home,
 And on your floor they’ll… poop.

Short and stout, with chest puffed out,
 They rule your house as lord. 
That is until, that noise so shrill,
 they hear the ironing board. 

You may hate, they obey late, 
 and often, they’re aloof,
But push their trigger and you’ll snicker,
 their flip side is a goof. 

With big long snouts, these little louts
 will sniff at anything.
They will finagle, they’ll get your bagel,
 and that last chicken wing. 

With a will of their own, they make it known 
 which way they will peruse,
Walks are fine, but cars- sublime! 
 they’ll always take a cruise. 

They’ll snarl and bite with all their might,
 if you mess with their lunch.
To face those jaws, invest in gauze, 
 expect an awful crunch! 

Sturdy and tough, that little puff, 
 sure is a noble beast.
Stubborn- not dumb – the little chum
 is persistent to say the least! 

With sheer will power, within an hour
 they best all barriers.
By now you’ve guessed them from the rest,
 they’re terrible terriers.