If Money Is the Root of All Evil, Then Why Do they Ask For It in Church? 

"If money is the root of all evil, then why do they ask for it in church?" Such a clever critique, really sticking it to us church folk, huh? We see this popular attack on sidewalk chalk boards outside those oh so enlightened coffee shops. It can also be seen in meme generator apps when you... Continue Reading →

Dogs: An Analogy For God’s Love 

There are thousands of reasons why Dogs are man's best friends. One of the reasons I love my dogs so much is because they are continual analogies for God's love. By shifting perspectives between my dogs and myself I get a slight glimpse of the love that God has for his creatures and especially those... Continue Reading →

These Self-Evident Truths

There's a lot of craziness going on lately. That's evident. To many this is not new craziness but just the same old injustice made public. We are dichotomized by our different alliances. We are tired and uneasy. To those who apathetic at this time, well this post isn't for you. I'm not exactly sure why... Continue Reading →

Do You Ever Wonder? 

Do you ever wonder? If you Google the word wonder you'll see two definitions, one a noun and one a verb. Wonder as a noun is a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. Wonder as a verb is to be curious to know something or to feel... Continue Reading →

Everything Happens For a Reason 

You've heard it a million times. Usually people say it when job opportunities disappear, when people get sick, when someone dies suddenly, when comfort is needed many of us take comfort in believing that "everything happens for a reason". But this expression isn't only reserved for trying situations, we even say it when in situations... Continue Reading →

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