Dogs Without Owners

  I absolutely love dogs. Anyone who's been over to the Settecase house for dinner knows my family can't make it very long without turning the conversation to dogs. Dog hero stories, dog horror stories, happy dogs, horny dogs, hairy dogs, furry dogs, it really doesn't matter we will go there, we love dogs. We... Continue Reading →

The Bible Answers Clichés

This is a Bible study I recently made for our student athletes down here in Puerto Rico. I asked around and these were the least favorite commonly used expressions that people wanted answers to. Again this is for a Bible study so some explaination might be needed but maybe this can be a blessing to... Continue Reading →

I Can Win All Things..

"I can do all things through him who strengthens me" is the battle cry for just about every Christian and nominal Christian athlete in the United States today. I'm sure it's not limited to the US but most of my experience comes from here, so that's what I'll critique.  The source of this quote is... Continue Reading →

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