I will guide your steps
So your way is not hampered.
But I’m not with the sluggard,
Nor with the pampered.

Come to my house
Ye simple and clever.
I’ll help to establish
Your every endeavor.

Share in my fruits,
I’m offered to all.
But humble yourself
Or you surely will fall.

A fountain of knowledge
To any who find me.
Never forsake me,
To your heart shall you bind me.

I’ll bring you honor
And I will make you bold,
Seek me more than silver,
Choose me over gold.

Treasure me highly
And you I’ll exalt-
Or follow your own ways
You simpleton- dolt!

Bestower of crowns,
Teacher of the wise,
Wake up o ye simple-

You know where to find me,
The way isn’t blocked.
Submit to the Lord,
My treasures- unlocked.

Get up and find me
Before complacency grabs you,
Before sluggishness gloms on
And foolishness stabs you!

Do not despise me,
But Hold fast to all I’ve said,
For the words of Lady Wisdom
Are a graceful garland for your head.
(Picture taken from https://pre00.deviantart.net/2309/th/pre/i/2013/108/d/5/portrait_of_lady_wisdom_by_melanierogers-d2rcin1.jpg