Since The House Is On Fire, Let Us Warm Ourselves 

Since the house is on fire, let us warm ourselves. -Italian Proverb 

I recently stumbled upon this Italian proverb and I instantly thought of this election and the state of the Union. This proverb IS the state of our Union! The house is on fire, and the only comfort we can find is by warming ourselves with all the hilarious memes, parodies, mashups and bad lip readings. Is anyone really happy? There may be a few crazy leftists and alt right nut jobs out there that are loving this, but it seems like the majority of Americans are so beyond horrified that we just have to laugh. 

Things are really, really bad. One of these two is going to be the next President of The United States! Let it sink in. I would call these two candidates monsters or beasts but I’m reminded of Dostoevsky’s quote on the matter: “People talk sometimes of bestial cruelty, but that’s a great injustice and insult to the beasts; a beast can never be so cruel as a man, so artistically cruel”. I think Monsters and beasts call each Trump or Clinton when they want to denigrate one another. 

 Doesn’t this seem like one of Joker’s plots to turn Gotham City citizens insane? This is much more diabolical then the dilemma he created between the civilian and prisoner boats in The Dark Knight. 

Every so often I think of “what if” scenarios to get us out of this mess. I always stop just short of wishing for assassinations but that’s super dark that my mind even encroaches on that kind of evil. There’s gotta be another way! Something better than assassinations, better than rooting for the IRS, better than putting all our hopes in the prosecution basket, better than rooting for old age to hurry up or pneumonia to try harder. 

The constant barrage of insults isn’t working either. We insult them, they insult eachother but we drudge on closer and closer to the election. Insults seem to be ineffective and petty, As Ravi Zarcharias says: “When you throw mud at someone else, you not only get your hands dirty, but you lose ground.” Can’t there just be another way? We get it, the last few generations haven’t really done there civic duties. We haven’t participated in elections like we should have. We weren’t paying attention to the issues at hand. We don’t know our founding documents like we should or the principles this country was built on. But we’ve learned our lesson. We’ll be better just let us out of this mess. 

But wait! This could be the year we elect a third party candidate, right? I heard somewhere that Lincoln was an independent or something and that turned out pretty great right? So maybe we should all just vote for Gary Johnson, we can take a leap of faith and avoid this terrible false dilemma freak show! 

OH MY GOSH! Screw it, never mind. Our only solace continues to be laughter. You win Joker!! 

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