Intro to Philosophy Through Problems| Lesson 1: The Problem of Definition

“It is necessary with regard to the science that we are seeking that we should first address those puzzles that first arise… For those who wish to make good progress must start well; for subsequent progress depends on the resolution of the first puzzles” -Aristotle, Metaphysics Philosophy and Definition Are definitions possible? Does our language... Continue Reading →

My Trolley Problem – A Poem

Today’s the day, I know that well. Today I’ll have to take the L. The train is fine, for transportation. That’s not the source of my consternation. You see I avoid the L, at all cost, To keep my mind from getting lost. There is a dilemma and I can’t stand it, Which keeps me... Continue Reading →

My New Toy 

My new toy is awesome,   It lights up my mind. It staves off the skeptic,  the willfully blind.  I use it for choosing,  and even for finding, It hides while I'm snoozing   but everywhere- binding.  It's tethered to feelings  as well as the will, It's allegiance debated,  by Jack and by Jill. Not human convention,... Continue Reading →

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