Is ‘Mind’ Fundamental to the World?

Dr. Jonathan Schaffer recently came on my podcast to discuss his new paper, "Ground Functionalism", which can be found here. Dr. Schaffer is a world-class philosopher working out of Rutgers University. In this paper he argues for a particular theory of mind called "functionalism" whereby the mind is a concrete realization of an abstract function... Continue Reading →

My Trolley Problem – A Poem

Today’s the day, I know that well. Today I’ll have to take the L. The train is fine, for transportation. That’s not the source of my consternation. You see I avoid the L, at all cost, To keep my mind from getting lost. There is a dilemma and I can’t stand it, Which keeps me... Continue Reading →

My New Toy 

My new toy is awesome,   It lights up my mind. It staves off the skeptic,  the willfully blind.  I use it for choosing,  and even for finding, It hides while I'm snoozing   but everywhere- binding.  It's tethered to feelings  as well as the will, It's allegiance debated,  by Jack and by Jill. Not human convention,... Continue Reading →

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