Grant and Liza’s Wedding Ceremony

Dearly beloved, We are gathered here to celebrate the union of Grant Jacob Rost and Liza Suzanne Braatz. Now, as many of you well know, the story of Grant and Liza is a story as old as time. Their's is a classic love story of boy meets girls and- well, actually that’s not quite true.... Continue Reading →

The Test of Love 

A couple years ago someone asked me if I'm a loving person. Well, I figured I was a pretty loving guy but I knew that my answer had to appear humble so I knew I had to depreciate myself a bit. But I was also unwilling to put myself down so much that I would... Continue Reading →

Love is? 

What's love? Seriously, what is it? Have you ever given that any serious thought? Maybe you have, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess most of us haven't sat down and tried to define Love. Today we just make assertions based on the assumption that we all have the same definitions,... Continue Reading →

Why is Dating so awful? 

Why is dating so awful? It's the girl's fault. Haha no just kidding. The real answer depends on what we mean by dating. When I say dating is awful, I mean modern dating. Dating today is the worst. That doesn't mean dating in the past was the end all be all, all I can do... Continue Reading →

My Stupid Mouth 

   This post is for those who have trouble taming their tongue. I have a big stupid mouth. I'm very opinionated, I'm quick to speak, quick to anger and slow to listen. It's a problem. John Calvin says "I consider looseness with words no less a defect than looseness of the bowels" and I'd have... Continue Reading →

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