Will Dogs Be In Heaven? 

Will dogs be in Heaven? More importantly, will my dog be in Heaven? Will Scruffy be waiting for me at the pearly gates, ready to lick my face and beg for “people food”? Let me preface this post by expounding a bit on my love for these wonderful creatures. Some of you had to beg... Continue Reading →

Dogs: An Analogy For God’s Love 

There are thousands of reasons why Dogs are man's best friends. One of the reasons I love my dogs so much is because they are continual analogies for God's love. By shifting perspectives between my dogs and myself I get a slight glimpse of the love that God has for his creatures and especially those... Continue Reading →

Dogs Without Owners

  I absolutely love dogs. Anyone who's been over to the Settecase house for dinner knows my family can't make it very long without turning the conversation to dogs. Dog hero stories, dog horror stories, happy dogs, horny dogs, hairy dogs, furry dogs, it really doesn't matter we will go there, we love dogs. We... Continue Reading →

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