Drinking the Poison of Subjectivism, Waking Up in 1984

“The master heresy is subjectivism. It is the parent of all the others, for only after the objective truth is denied are we “free” to recreate new “truths” in the image of our own desires. Only when we fall asleep to the real world are we “free” to dream nightmare worlds into being.” -Peter Kreeft,... Continue Reading →


Silly Philology| Awesome vs. Awful

Why is it better to experience some awe than to be filled with awe? This question has been a perennial rock in my shoe. It crops up in the old noggin, I chew it over for a while and freak out a little bit, then some how I let it go for a couple months.... Continue Reading →

Silly Philology | “I Could Care Less”

I get confused when people say, “I could care less.” I mean, I guess I know what they’re trying to say, they’re trying convey their disinterest in whatever they’re interlocutor has said or asked. But in actuality, the phrase “I could care less” doesn’t really tell anyone much of anything. Ok, cool, so you could... Continue Reading →

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