Isla De Encanta: Fear’s Nightmare 

The pile of clothes on the cold tile floor was exceptionally large that night. The off-white layers of ticky-tacky paint were all that was left on the closet shelves. The poorly made- and especially poorly assembled- brown bookcase stood awkwardly erect and empty at the foot of the painfully small bed. All my books had... Continue Reading →


What’s the Purpose of Life? Like, Why Are We Here?

What's the purpose of life? Are we a cosmic accident? Is there intrinsic value to human life? Life in general? Why are we here? Why is anything here? Why should we be asking these questions? There are lots of different answers to these questions and they've been debated for - well forever. Ever since mankind... Continue Reading →

Doctrine Divides! (?)

If you're interested in studying theology then you've heard it in one form or another. Usually from older folks. "I don't need your exegesis, I just need extra Jesus!", "Doctrine divides", "when I was young I cared about getting all my ducks in a row, now I just want to love people", "when you're older... Continue Reading →

Meta-bloggnition: Some Thoughts on Blogs 

Blog, blogs, blogging, blogger, bbblllllllloooooooggggg. Haha sorry that cracks me up. What a terrible word! "Blog" is the noise you'll hear coming from ponds in the spring when the Bullfrogs are breeding, but somehow it's come to replace the word "essay". It's the 1 year anniversary of my first blog post, "I Can Win All... Continue Reading →

Why Are Memes So Fantastic? 

Memes are fantastic. There are few things that can make me laugh harder than a dank meme. I love 'em so much. But why do I love them? What makes memes so great? I pondered these questions the other day on a short walk in Daytona Beach, Florida. I think I found a good answer... Continue Reading →

3 Reasons Not To Unfriend that Idiot 

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." -Aristotle You need to keep that Facebook friend with those terrible beliefs. I've seen a couple articles being shared lately about deleting Facebook friends with different opinions. This is being touted as a righteous thing to do.... Continue Reading →

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