Those Who Defend Free Will, Wreck It.

"So Augustine is right when he so often repeats the memorable saying that 'those who defend free will wreck it, instead of making it secure."   -John Calvin quoting St. Augustine in the 1541 edition of The Institutes There is an on going debate throughout the history of philosophy about free will and determinism. Do we... Continue Reading →


If God’s Sooo Sovereign, Why Do You Pray? 

I have a very high view of God's sovereignty. I believe God is in control of everything and He has predestined every event that takes place and every fact that is a fact. Holding this view, and being vocal about it, has prompted lots of people, both Christian and non-Christian, to ask me: "If God's... Continue Reading →

Everything Happens For a Reason 

You've heard it a million times. Usually people say it when job opportunities disappear, when people get sick, when someone dies suddenly, when comfort is needed many of us take comfort in believing that "everything happens for a reason". But this expression isn't only reserved for trying situations, we even say it when in situations... Continue Reading →

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