The Bible and The Great Commission 

(This content is originally from an online post for my Intro To Missions class, the question, quoted below, asks how I can help those in my ministry understand the Great Commission so I figured I might as well post my answer on my blog as well) "In light of what you learned in the biblical... Continue Reading →

The Test of Love 

A couple years ago someone asked me if I'm a loving person. Well, I figured I was a pretty loving guy but I knew that my answer had to appear humble so I knew I had to depreciate myself a bit. But I was also unwilling to put myself down so much that I would... Continue Reading →

We Don’t Want To Believe

We don't want to believe in God. If you look at the stats worldwide and even in the United States you might come to another conclusion. "Most people actually do believe in God, Park". So let me expand on what I'm saying, most people don't want to believe in the God of the Bible. "Oh... Continue Reading →

You’re the bad guy in the Bible 

When I read the Bible as a kid I always read as if I were Jewish. Being on this side of Christ, living in AD as a Christian has caused me to miss some key elements in the biblical narrative. When I would read about the armies of Israel fighting the uncircumcised Gentiles I always... Continue Reading →

Be True To Yourself 

Be true to yourself today. I don't mean "be who you are because you're a special snow flake and you deserve the world". That's what secular humanism will tell you. "You can be anything you want, just dream it and believe it, name it and claim it, if it's gonna be it's up to me".... Continue Reading →

Not Even Worth Comparing 

    Romans 8:18 "For i consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us" (ESV)   How many of us have read Romans 8:17 and have wished Paul would have just left off the second half of the verse? " and if Children,... Continue Reading →

Jonathan or Saul?

Christians like the word servant. We talk about servant leadership, serving the community, serving in the youth ministry, and we even call people out for not allowing us to serve them. We want to be servants but we hate being treated like a servant. We like the word humility but we don't like to actually... Continue Reading →

The Bible Answers Clichés

This is a Bible study I recently made for our student athletes down here in Puerto Rico. I asked around and these were the least favorite commonly used expressions that people wanted answers to. Again this is for a Bible study so some explaination might be needed but maybe this can be a blessing to... Continue Reading →

I Can Win All Things..

"I can do all things through him who strengthens me" is the battle cry for just about every Christian and nominal Christian athlete in the United States today. I'm sure it's not limited to the US but most of my experience comes from here, so that's what I'll critique.  The source of this quote is... Continue Reading →

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