Folly’s Advice to You Whiners – A Poem

Unfair! How rude!
You deserve so much better,
This is not cool, dude,
Time for a spittle-flecked letter!

If they would look through your lens,
Then they could see,
You’re uniquely discriminated against,
And you deserve pity.

The deck is stacked against you,
And if you don’t succeed,
There’s nothing you could do,
Everyone should agree.

It’s your gender, your color, your creed, it’s your group
Just listen to me and I’ll give you the scoop.

It’s hardest for you and society is to blame,
So, you’ll have to cry loudest, be consoled by your fame.

People are mean, and life is too hard
They could never manage, if they’d been dealt your cards.

It’s so tricky being you, oh what a burden,
Everyone owes you, that is for certain.

Take to the streets, let everyone know,
You are the victim, lay everyone low.

You are the righteous, you are so brave,
The truth that you feel, so weighty and grave.

It’s the government’s fault, with their wicked laws,
Your important perspective ought to give them all pause.

Angry reacts only, on the fire pour gas,

You know the facts, you know what’s right,
Assume your conclusions, if they protest, then fight!

So what if you’re squishy, gelatinous, no backbone,
Life will accommodate if you just bitch and you moan.

Turn on the tears, this makes you so upset,
Why haven’t they given you everything yet?

If you want friends, this isn’t for you,
Instead collect ‘allies’ who won’t judge what you do.

You don’t need to be grateful, pleasant or kind,
That can’t be expected given your state of mind.

It was against all the odds, if you should succeed,
They should bend to your whims, after reading your screed.

You deserve to be coddled, merely for breathing,
Foam at the mouth, show them your seething.

Never be happy, joyful or content,
There’s nothing for which you have to repent.

Nothing but praise, is due to your name,
Accuse them of privilege if they don’t feel the same.

Pout and complain, keep being a whiner;
Unearned moral superiority, there’s nothing that’s finer!


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