Missing My Chance: A Poem on Apologetics

“Why do you believe in God?”
He asked me, earlier today.
To which argument would he give nod?
The answer was not so plain to say.

Should I bring him to the plausible?
To the cosmological, either moderate or full throttle?
Should I bring up the cause that makes the causable?
To that prime mover of Aristotle?

Or do I go to design?
To teleology.
To the tuning of the universe oh so fine?
To insects, worlds, birds, and trees?

How about to desire?
To that great abyss, that God sized hole?
Should I stoke that internal fire,
And point to the longing inside his soul?

Should I go with the a priori?
Which line of reasoning would he believe?
Should I tell him Anselm’s story,
That God is a being greater than man can conceive?

Or perhaps I should use the transcendental,
To the foundations of the house of knowledge,
To the preconditions of the mental,
Between conflicting thoughts shall I drive a wedge?

After debating myself hard and long,
The answer finally came to me.
But I looked up to see he’d gone,
I blew my opportunity.


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