God is simple, yes, it’s true! 
God’s not like me or you.

He has no parts, no arm or leg.
This doctrine is not hard to peg.

This does not speak of knowledge or wisdom,
Just that God’s not a complex system. 

He doesn’t need eyes to aid his seeing,
No composition in His being. 

God does not act on a whim,
No attribute can be removed from Him. 

No attribute is on it’s own,
To Himself he’s fully known. 

He loves in goodness and his power true,
His sovereign will He will always do. 

He must, he will, he does subsist.
There is no way He can’t exist. 

Again, His attributes cannot be singled,
His character is intermingled.

If you haven’t, then it’s time you hear it,
The Living God is a Spirit.  

In knowing Him, this is a key,
The doctrine of simplicity.