My New Toy 

My new toy is awesome,
  It lights up my mind.
It staves off the skeptic,
 the willfully blind. 

I use it for choosing,
 and even for finding,
It hides while I’m snoozing 
 but everywhere- binding. 

It’s tethered to feelings
 as well as the will,
It’s allegiance debated,
 by Jack and by Jill.

Not human convention,
 nor from matter- derived.
Through ebbing and flowing,
 it’s always survived. 

A gift from the Father
 to all of mankind,
in those who don’t bother
 it never will shine. 

A gold pan for truth,
 a scale for facts,
Used by the sleuth 
 abandoned by quacks. 

Indirectly, it’s proven,
 neglected by fools,
It ought to be treasured 
 and taught in the schools. 

The modern man loves it,
 successors may hate,
But you surely need it,
   to even debate. 

Philosophers love it,
  a tool of the trade,
But Sophists still use it,
 to merely get paid. 

To give an accounting?
  A mystery fine.
The Christian will argue,
  “it’s roots are divine.” 

I love it, I need it, 
 necessity’s might,
For how else shall we know-
 who’s wrong and who’s right? 

The backbone of speech,
 the middle excluded,
For by it conclusions,
 are rightly concluded. 

Vain philosophies and deceit?
 Perpetually propounded.
But when used by the Lord,
 debaters confounded. 

Coupled with truth,
 O, what an alliance!
Necessary inference, 
 an art and a science.

In the empire of lies,
 to use it is treason,
But that wont stop me-
 my new toy is reason.  


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